The laughter began instantly, the moment the Magic Tickling Wheel began circularly moving around the soles of her feet. It was perfectly soaped up and that made it so much more ticklish for poor Daphne, as it occasionally slipped around, sliding and tickling her so beautifully.


Carol let the device tickle the tops of her feet and travel along the arches and the back of the heels. Daphne was howling and then laughing, howling and then laughing. For a small moment, she transformed into a woman of the wild, too tickled to beg for mercy.

Dave was in awe and loving every minute of her ticklish journey, which she had no choice but to take and somehow that aroused him even more. He just loved her animalistic laughter and howling and he just couldn’t help but feel so totally immersed in her ticklish experience.

Daphne began to snort, as the wheel made contact with her ticklish toes, massaging them in their ticklish crevices. The device remained in the folds of her toes, as her toes curled against her will. Carol laughed at her, as Daphne snorted and then blushed. As her toes curled over the vibrating edges of the tickling wheel, the tickling was too intense, causing her to snort and writhe in a funny kind of rhythm.

“COME ON, DAPHNE, OPEN THOSE TOES FOR ME!” Carol ordered, with extreme amusement in her voice.

Daphne gasped and snorted some more, as Carol forced her toes to uncurl and release their tight grip on the tickling wheel. Now her toes were completely uncurled, held nice and tautly by Carol. Daphne’s poor ticklish toes were devoured by the tickling wheel and she was forced to feel every tickle, as the wheel tickled and vibrated the bottoms and tops of her toes. The sensitive folds of her toes were taut and firm, tickled and vibrated until Daphne snorted so loudly, Dave almost made the loudest sound, one that would have been mixed with extreme elation.

Dave was amazed at how Daphne was managing to keep herself above the water, as she was struggling and writhing so much. Sometimes she would gurgle and make bubble sounds in the water, as she lost control of her body. He smiled, finding that so terribly amusing and even a bit arousing.

                                   Copyright 2012 Veronica Frances​​​​​​​​

The Magic Tickling Wheel