​Amazing, worth the read!

​​Awesome book. Finally something interesting! At least someone’s honest!

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Veronica pens "Tickling Daphne H." in a highly erotic plot that was filled with a ticklish fetish. The character of Daphne was strong and well developed, with good chemistry in relation to the rest of the characters. A good fun erotic read that is recommended for all adult readers.

I give "Tickling Daphne H." a 5 star rating!​​

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​​Great read!

When I read this, I thought the story couldn't get any better than the first chapter. Boy was I wrong!!! Veronica came out swinging and never lost her momentum. Non stop action throughout the story and the characters were so alive, I felt like I knew them. a truly fun read.

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Wonderful work of erotic literature.

​​​​What a wonderful work of erotic literature! So well written and full of vivid imagery. The Tickling scenarios confirm the author's complete understanding of the details and sensations of anticipation and fulfillment of the part of both the Tickler and the Ticklee. Should do much for those that are seeking a way to spice up their love life!

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​A Ticklish Delight!

This is a very erotic and romantic book and I highly recommend it!

Daphne starts out as more than a bit of a brat but is a well developed character. She's not merely a brat for brattiness' sake. There are real personal issues, fears, and desires within her and family complexities that shape her behavior as she butts heads with her step-mother, her father, and her fiance'. The characters deal with these desires of course, or sometimes avoid them only to be forced to face them, with very ticklish solutions!

A few of the events in the book are outlandish, some are wonderfully outrageous, but they are all very erotic as broken hearts are mended and Daphne journeys to maturity, self-acceptance, and her reward of a romantic Tickle Wonderland!

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​​Intensely erotic scenes.

​​I was intrigued by the premise of this book and really wanted to know more about the fetish itself. Being extremely ticklish myself, I was deeply curious about the subject as a whole. There really weren't too many books on the subject. I didn't really care for Daphne at first. She comes across as a bit spoiled and bratty. But as the story progresses you discover her actions are overlaying deeper issues. There were intensely erotic scenes in this book and it wasn't hard to follow how tickling can lead to other things. I enjoyed the story as a whole and would read from this author again!

Nikki McCarver

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One of those welcome, albeit unconventional, surprises.

​​Sometimes I choose to read outside of my comfort zone and am very surprised by what I find; Tickling Daphne H. was one of those welcome, albeit unconventional, surprises. At first glance I wasn't particularly thrilled by the premise of "tickling fetish erotica", especially since I am normally not a fan of the genre, but after a few chapters I began to understand the appeal. Daphne and Dave's strange relationship started out a little odd - Daphne's stepmother's actions creeped me out a little bit - however, as the story progressed, the characters and their unique personas started to grow on me. Daphne was a very complex character, deeper than I expected for an erotic novel. Her brat-like attitude was a turn-off at first, but her character seemed to evolve as the book continued. I did not really understand the plethora of tickling fetishes that were swirling around in the beginning, but once I got into the novel I realized how each of the characters viewed tickling and its role in their daily lives. Dave, Daphne, Carol and Harold all had reasons for their actions and sexual preferences, each one of them well-developed and highly relatable. Before I met these characters I had never viewed tickling as a sexual device, nor had I believed it to be a type of torture. I cannot imagine being so ticklish that I was in constant fear of someone poking me and causing an outburst; something the main character lives with daily. Overall, I enjoyed the characters and the back-story, but I was not a fan of the drawn out sex scenes or the laugh-riddled dialogue. I would have preferred if some sections were not so immature sounding, but I did laugh quite a bit throughout the experience.

Allizabeth Collins

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New territory for me, but what a ride it was. A very good read.  

Tickling Daphne H. follows a girl named Daphne who hates to be tickled. She loves her boyfriend, Dave, but his touches tickle her and he likes to try and tickle her a lot. Daphne is embarrassed and shy by her reactions to it. But after a fight with her stepmother, Carol, Daphne makes a realization about herself...that she may have an addiction to tickling. But she is too scared and confused to admit it. Daphne is on a journey to understand her addiction and how to share it with her boyfriend.

I did it again. I never thought the day would come I would read BDSM. Come to find out, I like it a lot. I never thought I would read a book about fetishes and well...here we are. But thank goodness this was about tickling. I know I wouldn't be able to handle more than that. This book was sexy and downright adorable all at once. I have heard of tickling fetishes and thought, of course, that it was a little weird. But this book really opened my eyes. This book took me by surprise.

I liked Daphne a lot in this book. Although, she had quite a bit of bratty moments. She acted a bit childish at times in this book. But you do understand after a while. We find that she suffers from more than trying to accept her fetish. There are a lot of fears and things that have taken place in her past that brought on her fetish. There are the issues she has with her stepmother Carol who is quite bossy and overbearing. She will do anything to make sure she gets what she wants. Mainly tickle Daphne for hours on end. Yeah, you read that right. I liked that Frances used this because it never occurred to me that you could use tickling in a way to humiliate and torture someone. After reading this, it made sense. But the scenes made you smile sometimes and other times, you do see the humiliation.

I loved this idea of coming to terms with a fetish. I understood why Daphne was scared and confused. I loved how her boyfriend Dave loves tickling. He is afraid to tell Daphne he is turned on by tickling. I liked that Carol (who also has a tickling fetish) was able to explain it all to her first. She may not want to face it, but it does help a bit. But we do find out what caused her fetish. We also find out what started Dave's as well. I loved the development of this. I didn't see that coming. It definitely made me understand this book more.

This book was sexy and I did enjoy it. The beginning took me a while to get into due to just trying to grasp the tickling thing. But after a while, it all came together. But there are scenes that do seem to last a little long. That really is my only complaint. Some scenes were a bit silly, but I still enjoyed the book a lot. But the erotic scenes was a new experience for me and I liked them a lot. This is definitely worth checking out.

Diana Ramsey, Offbeat Vagabond
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An author who takes the playful art of tickling to an entirely new realm of sensuality. 

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