Daphne had to admit to herself how turned on she was by the fact that Dave remained fully clothed and that she was in her underwear, her almost naked body feeling so safe and warm in his arms.

As they danced, he ran his fingers lovingly through her hair. She giggled shyly, as she didn’t want to seem overly ticklish. She kept giggling and he just thought it was so cute. He loved that she was trying to hide her giggles, as she buried her face in his chest. He whispered in her ear and made her jump slightly.

“I heard that,” he teased softly, sending ticklish chills down her spine.

It seemed like he knew her spine was tingling, as he gently ran his hands down her bare back. She laughed and pulled away. Dave wasn’t having any of it.

“Now........there’ll be none of that,” he said, with a slightly dominant, but very endearing tone.

“But.......Dave,” Daphne pleaded, as he held her steady and let his fingers walk up and down her spine several times.

She laughed loudly and freely, as she was introduced to her first experience of erotic tickling. She just allowed herself to laugh and not pull away, as Dave continued letting his fingers travel up and down and across her bare back.

He tried to lift up her arms, but she pulled away and became all scrunched up.

“Daphne, are you hiding your armpits from me?” he asked, seductively.

She nodded shyly.

“I can’t allow you to do that anymore, sweetheart. Now raise up your arms,” he gently ordered, causing her to feel a wave of arousal that tickled her right where she stood.

She just stood there all guarded and scrunched up, knowing deep down that as gentle and loving as Dave was trying to be, he was in truth ordering her to raise up her arms. She just giggled with shy embarrassment.


He got behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and spoke so softly that it tickled her neck and earlobes, making her giggle.

“Lift up your arms, sweetheart,” he asked once again, so seductively, causing her to giggle in ticklish anticipation.

“Why?” she asked, laughing quietly and fidgeting slightly.

“So I can slip my fingers underneath your armpits.”

“Dave, please help me, I’m afraid. I’m so terribly ticklish under there.”

He gladly obliged.

“Up we go, sweetheart.”

He gently pulled her arms up over her head. He stood behind her and gently nibbled her back, while his fingers slipped with perfect ease under her bare armpits, where they tickled and teased her tautly stretched underarm flesh.

He then nibbled on her ticklish neckline and bare shoulder blades, causing such a delightful reaction. Her giggles were beautiful, as he gently moved his lips and mouth up and down both sides of her neck and then nibbled her shoulders. She shivered and laughed, feeling so ticklish all over her body and only getting more and more ticklish, as he pleasured her neckline, shoulders and armpits.


He feasted on her backside, as she stood there laughing, and she knew he would only stop when he was darn good and ready. His fingers feasted on her armpits and on the outskirts of her armpits. They traced her lats, while his lips and mouth nibbled her backside. It tickled her so, as he just let his fingers go up and down her sides and lats and then back under her armpits again. Her silhouette was traced several times and she laughed, much to her ticklish dismay, as she had been trying so hard to control herself.


“Good,” was his sexy, breathy reply.

Daphne had never been tickled quite like that before. It was exciting and stimulating and made her feel like a woman for the first time. Dave nibbled and nibbled, until he decided it was time to stop.

“Why did you stop?” she asked, seeming disappointed.

“Turn around and face me and keep your arms up.”

She shyly turned around, her bare armpits finally in Dave’s
ticklish frame of vision.

He moved some of her hair away from her shoulders, so he could get a full, clear view of her beautiful, freshly smooth underarms.

He examined her armpits with his eyes, making her feel slightly shy. He then examined them up close, touching them and caressing every inch of them, teasing the ticklish outskirts. His eyes were beaming with infatuation, as he just continued to play with her armpits, seeming to almost ignore her laughter, as she begged him to stop.

                                   ​Copyright 2012 Veronica Frances​​​

Daphne's Introduction To Erotic Tickling