She nodded, knowing she was about to feel something very strange and different. She was afraid, and unbearably ticklish. Her ticklishness frightened her and controlled her. She was helpless to stop it. She feared it, yet she wanted it so badly that she could taste the tickles on the tip of her aroused, saliva-drenched tongue.

Even though he had tickled her so completely earlier that evening, she was now post-orgasmic and knew how unbearably ticklish her flesh really was. She knew the tickling would feel so much more erotic and it might even make her orgasm again.

Harold removed his very aroused manhood from inside his trembling wife. He was still dripping from her juices. He removed himself from on top of her body and sat beside her on the bed. He looked at her lovingly, so beautiful, all tied up and deliciously ticklish.

Without further ado, he tickled her all over, lovingly, but with a hungry consistency. It shocked her for a moment and she flinched with a hungry gasp. It took a moment for her ticklish flesh to comprehend that it was being zealously sought after and that it could do nothing but react and overwhelm her with all its helpless, ticklish sensations.

Once Carol realized the depth of her body’s overwhelming titillation and that her body’s ticklish sensations were controlling her, she was unable to take a full breath. She was totally and undeniably tickled beyond control and beyond the familiar realms of her own physical body. All she could do was linger in hysteria and struggle to get a breath in every once in a while. All he had to do was merely touch her and then........

                                    Copyright 2012 Veronica Frances​​​

Becoming A Laughing Wife Again