Harold loved tickling and caressing her butt crack and just didn’t see any logical reason why he should stop. It tickled her terribly and caused her to laugh and giggle in ways that she had totally forgotten about. Harold forced her to remember, as his fingers played her butt crack as if it were an instrument.

He loved how it tickled her and the more it tickled her, the more motivation he had to continue. She begged and pleaded with him, but he didn’t hear anything but her uncontrollable giggles and laughter.

He added in an ostrich feather, making sure that it tickled, caressed and teased her overly sensitized ass-crack. The feather made her sound like a wild ape and it made Harold laugh to hear her like that.


“Really, my darling? You sure are funny!!! You sound like a hyper ape.”

After he was through humiliating her with the feather, he went back to using his fingers to tickle her ass-zone all over.

When he tickled her ticklish butt cheeks, she was hysterically pleading. She was helplessly tickled up and down her ass crack and all over her well-toned ass cheeks. She was writhing under his relentless, ticklish touch that was beginning to excite her, whether she liked it or not.

Once Harold realized she was becoming aroused, he stopped his ticklish movements and moved on to stripping his wife down completely. He proceeded to roughly pull down her panty hose the rest of the way.

He stripped off her underwear until she was completely naked and still so submissively bent over. He made her stand up straight, until she was nakedly facing him and totally his for the tickling. He forced her to step out of her underwear and panty hose.

He made her raise her arms up above her head and he ran his hands up and down her naked body, causing her to tremble and respond hysterically. He just kept running his fingers and hands up and down her naked, trembling and very ticklish body.

                                        Copyright 2012 Veronica Frances​​​

The Ticklish Taming Of Carol