Carol forced her to look at herself in the mirror. She felt so silly with her arms restricted over her head, her bare breasts and exposed armpits staring right back at her through the unforgiving and crystal clear reflection of the mirror. It embarrassed her to see her worn and defeated looking face. She felt helpless, ticklish and all tangled up in her own shirt and her own ticklish nightmare.

Daphne had to watch herself be tickle-tortured, as Carol reprimanded her in the most ticklish way possible. She had to watch, as one single long nail scratched and slowly traced the outline of her right armpit. Daphne dreaded the moment when Carol’s teasing, lingering nail would make its way onto the deep, fleshy hollow of her ticklish armpit. Carol began tracing the outline of her other armpit as well, teasing them both simultaneously.

Daphne watched in ticklish astonishment, as Carol’s nails crawled all over her armpits and sides. She was forced to watch herself giggle helplessly, as she was tickled and made to lose complete control of herself.

“Up we go and down we go,” Carol teased, as her nails continuously climbed up her tummy, sides, ribcage and armpits and then made their way back down again.

The movements were precise, deliberate and merciless. All Daphne’s laughing eyes could do were follow Carol’s fingers up and down, up and down until she was a laughing, hypnotized subject in her very own tickle-torture.

Dave was really taken by storm. He couldn’t believe the passionate look of fire in Carol’s eyes. He was relieved that his penis had calmed down a bit and his pants would not be laden with cum. His shock seemed to make him just stare at his helpless Daphne, his mouth hanging open. He was stunned and unsure how to react.

He somehow could sense that Daphne was too exhausted to fight anymore. It was almost as if she were drowning, struggling to fight Carol’s ticklish undertow, which was just about to swallow her up into an ocean of raw, helpless and unadulterated laughter.

                                   Copyright 2012 Veronica Frances​​​​​​​

Tickled Into Submission