Carol just let out a little dismissive sigh and continued letting the feather tickle her bare backside, letting it just dance and glide all over her bare flesh. Daphne just stood there laughing and Dave was amused, not to mention ready for the ejaculation of his life.


Daphne just stood there for what seemed like the longest time, laughing and carrying on. The feather tickled her and tickled her, until her arms flailed and flapped around.

The feather almost seemed to smile with delight, as it found the warm snuggly ticklish spots in the deep hollows of her armpits and the tiny circular, delightful hole of her bellybutton. Her bellybutton seemed to pull the feather in more and more, as if it were a vortex, hypnotically pulling in the feather’s soft, silky edges. The feather was enveloping her in its curious exploration of her sensitive navel.

The feather practically giggled right along with her, as it danced like a playful child, finding a spacious playground on the ticklish, tautly stretched surface of her sides and tummy, which were trying so hard to evade the gentle, soft tickles. The feather almost looked puzzled, as to why she was moving around so, when all it wanted to do was tickle her and make her laugh with such sweet, beautiful laughter, which filled the room like an echoing wind storm.

It was such a delicious sight for Dave, seeing his girlfriend standing there in the middle of the room, topless, with her arms stretched high above her head, laughing, as the feather probed all her ticklish places, seeming to want to get to know them. The feather was probing and examining her and relentlessly exploring every inch of ticklish skin it could find on her upper body.

                                    Copyright 2012 Veronica Frances​​​

The Punishment Is Light As A Feather​